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Prosthodontics Core Curriculum

course name description
Advanced Dental Radiology (CDM 5000) Consideration of hard and soft tissue craniofacial imaging modalities, including MRI, tomography, and digital imaging.
Advanced Dental Materials (CDM 5001) Properties and clinical considerations in the use of today's restorative materials.
Research Design (CDM 5002) Learn how to plan research projects, initiate the projects and effectively present the findings. Critical evaluation of the literature about the field of interest is going to be emphasized.
Adv. Microbiology & Cell Biology (CDM 5003) Graduate training in microbiology, including virology, bacteriology, microbial genetics, and microbial pathogenesis.
Advanced Oral Histology & Embryology (CDM 5004) Cytological and developmental considerations in embryological, fetal and neonatal human craniofacial growth and development.
Fundamentals of Biostatistics (CDM 5006) Analysis of descriptive and inferential statistics as used in contemporary biomedical research, including electronic-based statistical programs.
Advanced Medical Physiology (CDM 5008) Detailed examination of cells and their transport, cardiac, pulmonary, acid base balance and fluids. Renal physiology, blood coagulation as well as blood factors will be addressed. Medical applications will be part of this course. Other topics will be integrated into the above.
Ethics and Jurisprudence (CDM 5109) Reviews hallmarks of dental professional ethics, and aspects of the law that commonly impact on the daily practice of dentistry.
Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (CDM 5102) Gross and histological specimen consideration in hard and soft tissue diseases of the oral and maxillofacial structures.
Adv. Head & Neck Anatomy Lecture Series (CDM 5103) Didactic and dissection based consideration of head and neck structure and function essential to advanced dental practice.
Adv. Head & Neck Anatomy Lab Series (CDM 5104) Laboratory based consideration of head and neck structure and function essential to advanced dental practice.
Adv. Systemic Oral Medicine & Pharmacology (CDM 5106) Expands on the predoctoral education regarding the topic of oral medicine. The seminars will discuss current and classic literature to help refine the skills of students in interpreting a medical history and dental management of medically complex patients.
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