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Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)

Choosing to become a dentist is a major decision in your life, and the next major choice is where to study. What can you expect from your studies at NSU's College of Dental Medicine? Expect the best possible training in the best possible location.

What you’ll study

A four-year curriculum divides into the first two years of fundamentals and the second two years of rotations and advanced study. The rotations challenge you to help underserved and highly vulnerable populations. The entire curriculum is organized around four themes of Patient Care Foundations, Clinical Practice of Dentistry, Public Health and Primary Care, and Human Biology and Disease.

How you’ll learn more

With clinics available on campus and in nearby communities, you'll have direct experience with patients of various ages and backgrounds. A high-tech simulation laboratory prepares you to avoid making mistakes on live patients. Highly experienced preceptors and faculty group practice leaders provide early introductions into clinical settings.

Where it can take you

Everyone needs a dentist, and every dentist answers that calling. Our active alumni association can provide guidance about how to begin your career and where it can take you. The excellent postdoctoral programs at NSU offer opportunities for surgical and other specializations, as well as research to support the future of dentistry.

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