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The postdoctoral program in endodontics is a 24-month certificate program that balances clinical experience with didactic instruction in the relevant basic and clinical sciences.

The clinical portion of the program is microscopically oriented, providing the student with modern concepts of endodontic treatment including rotary NiTi instrumentation, electronic apex locators, guided tissue regeneration, ultrasonic instrumentation, and use of digital radiography. Joint conferences with other disciplines such as periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, otolaryngology, and neurology provide the student with a well-rounded basis to diagnose and treat conditions in the head and neck region.

The didactic portion of the program includes a core curriculum designed to provide all postdoctoral students with a basic interdisciplinary education and a detailed endodontic curriculum that concentrates heavily on knowledge of the literature. The program is designed to fulfill the specialty certification of the American Board of Endodontics. The program also includes research, teaching, and instruction by several well-known visiting professors.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Mission Statement

The Department of Endodontics shall:

  • Transfer knowledge of Endodontology based on scientific evidence at the highest levels achievable to students and the profession at large.
  • Promote comprehensive care in clinical education and be an active player in the process.
  • Establish high standards of competency in Endodontics, communicate them and insist that they be met through a calibrated and expert faculty.
  • Teach comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality patient care.
  • Produce research and scholarly work which embraces the scientific and clinical evidence base for Endodontology and dentistry.
  • Endeavor to assist in and create departmental models that fit an educational philosophy of humanism, where departments bridge curricular issues for the common good.
  • Serve as an educational resource for endodontic alumni and the dental community at large.
  • Support the Mission of the College of Dental Medicine in spirit and practice.
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