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Wilckodontics® and the AOO™ Procedure

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Saturday, 03/30/19 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday, 03/31/19 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Venue: NSU Oceanographic Center

The trend in orthodontics over the past several decades has been to improve the treatment for patients through advances in metallurgy and chemistry. This can be seen in the evolution of arch wires, bands, brackets, cements, and bonding materials. These advances have improved the manner and efficiency with which the orthodontic forces are transferred to the crowns of the teeth. But in spite of all these advances most conventional fixed orthodontic treatments still require 1½ to 3 years to complete.

The AOOTM procedure has solved this dilemma by exploiting the dynamic of bone physiology and redirecting the emphasis in tooth movement to the manner in which the supporting bone responds to orthodontic forces rather than just concentrating on the manner in which the forces are applied to the teeth. By stimulating and harnessing the innate potentials of living bone the teeth can be made to move through the bone very rapidly and when the tooth movement is completed the bone around the roots of the teeth will rebuild itself.


If you have a prominent orthodontic or periodontal practice or would like to cultivate one, take advantage of what the Wilckodontics® System has to offer you and your patients. If you act quickly, you can become the first professional team in your community certified to offer the 3 to 8 month Wilckodontics® treatment. To increase the flow of new patients to your office you need to be perceived as the best. We can help you in this regard and keep your practice on the cutting edge.

Respecting your patient’s limited time will increase the perceived value of your orthodontic treatment. With the Wilckodontics® System most adolescent and adult cases can be completed in ¼ the time needed for conventional orthodontics. There is also a significant reduction in the number of adjustment appointments. The drastic reduction in treatment time and adjustments also translates to fewer problems such as appliance breakage, etc.  A periodontal surgical procedure is required to activate the bone and lay the groundwork for the formation of the new alveolar support around the roots of the teeth following the completion of the orthodontic work.


Saturday and Sunday

      7:30 am - 8:00 am  Registration (Continental Breakfast)
      8:00 am -  noon      Presentation 
      Noon - 1:00 pm  Lunch (included)
      1:00 pm - 5:00 pm  Presentation



Thomas Wilcko has been in the private practice of periodontics in Erie, Pennsylvania for the past 25 years.  Dr. Wilcko received a BS in chemistry from Allegheny College, a DMD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, and a certificate in periodontics from the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine.  Dr. Wilcko was awarded membership in the National Scholastic Honor Society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, and also received the annual student award of the American Academy of Periodontology from the Univeristy of Pittsburgh.Dr. Wilcko first became involved in research in the field of chemistry while in college. His previous research has been in the areas of acyl free radical stability, calculus formation, porcelain shrinkage, and arachidonic acid. He has publications in the fields of chemistry and prosthetics and has contributed in the basic research for different dental products that have been brought to the market.


 Dr. William Wilcko.jpg

William Wilcko has been in the private practice of orthodontics in Erie, Pennsylvania for the past 18 years.  Dr. Wilcko received a BS in chemistry from Allegheny College, a DMD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and a MS in orthodontics from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.  Dr. Wilcko along with his brother Tom, a periodontist, has been working on the Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM procedure for over 6 years.

His previous research experience was in the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry.  While in college, he did research on the synthesis of bioactive pheromones and acyl free radical stability.   Through both animal and human research Dr. Wilcko has been instrumental in the development of several dental cements, one of which is an endodontic sealer that has been on the market for 17 years.  It was unique in that it was the first endodontic cement capable of chemically stimulating dramatic bone regeneration in comparison to controls.


 Francisco munoz.jpg

Francisco Muñoz Thompson DDS

He got his DDS from Universidad de Chile and holds an Oral Surgeon certificate by CONACEO. Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Muñoz has been attracted by the academic world and has successfully shared it with his other passion; Oral Surgery. The combination of both has recently been materialized in his first text book “Oral Surgery for Undergraduates and General Practitioners” by AMOLCA.  He is a fellow from Kyushu University, Japan and is a Faculty Professor at Universidad de los Andes, Chile where he coordinates the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program.



Silvana Palacios Trentino DDS

Since graduating as a dentist, Dr. Palacios has been exclusively dedicated to her private practice in Orthodontics, making a passion out of it. She has always showed an interest in new ideas and has permanently looked for excellence and quality in her treatments focusing on the patient´s emotional aspect as well as on the high standards in orthodontics. She has got deeply involved in the concept of accelerated orthodontics as well as the expanded scope of movement. Currently she is fully dedicated to the development of PAOO in Latin America.  She received her DDS from Universidad de Chile and later on received the Orthodontist Certificate from the same


You will come to understand:

  • How to move teeth rapidly and complete most expansion and retraction cases in 3 to 8 months.
  • How to utilize the patented AOOTM appliances that have been developed specifically for this procedure. Without these appliances many cases cannot be completed in a very rapid fashion.
  • How to custom design anchorage systems and deliver the appropriate forces needed to accomplish the rapid tooth movement.
  • The bone physiology that permits rapid tooth movement in conjunction with minimal root resorption.
  • What grafting materials and decortification schemes work best in the different orthodontic scenarios.
  • What carrying solutions are preferable.
  • How to lessen the need for orthognathic surgery in certain situations.
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • The principles that aid in case selection. Although the majority of cases can be treated using the AOOTM procedure, there are certain scenarios that should be avoided.
  • How to lessen the need for extractions and deliver a full prominent smile.
  • How to utilize the fax routing forms which makes it easy to coordinate the treatment between offices. 
  • How to easily incorporate the AOOTM procedure into your office routine.


Wilckodontics Certification
    Upon completion of the 2-day course, participants will be awarded a certificate in Wilckodontics

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