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Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Dental Medicine (CDM) is to educate students to become competent in all phases of the general practice of dental medicine and postdoctoral residents to become proficient in their respective specialty fields. The CDM is committed to ensuring graduates' excellence in the art and science of dental medicine and their commitment to independent, lifelong learning. This mission requires graduates to be knowledgeable in the biological sciences, clinically skilled, technologically proficient, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of the public. The graduate will be competent to function as a member of, or in conjunction with, an interdisciplinary primary care health team.

The College of Dental Medicine fosters leadership and excellence in dental education through a commitment to

  • recruitment and retention of the highest caliber of self-motivated students, residents, and faculty members
  • innovative teaching methods, research, scholarship, professionalism, and ethical principles
  • continuing education
  • service to the local, national, and international communities

The College of Dental Medicine has a special commitment to educate students and residents to provide culturally sensitive care to the underserved and special needs populations.

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