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Dental Medicine Faculty

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Abby Brodie

Abby J. Brodie

Associate Dean Academic Affairs, Curriculum, & Educational Affairs
Steven Haas

Steven Haas

Associate Dean Clinical Services
Peter Keller

Peter A. Keller

Exec. Associate Dean, Academic/Clinical Resources
Steven Kelner

Steven M. Kelner

Associate Dean, Institutional Affairs
Jodi Kodish Stav

Jodi Kodish Stav

Associate Dean for Clinical Informatics
Hal Lippman

Hal R. Lippman

Exec. Associate Dean, Admissions/Student Svcs/Clinical Svcs
Ana Mascarenhas

Ana Karina Mascarenhas

Associate Dean, Research
Linda Niessen

Linda Niessen

William Parker

William Parker

Associate Dean, Adv. Education Program
Faculty Practice
Joel Slingbaum

Joel B. Slingbaum

Director of Informational and Instructional Technology
Continuing Education
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