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Tuition and Fees

The NSU College of Dental Medicine graduate program tuition for the current academic year is stipulated in the College of Dental Medicine Brochure and Catalogue.  Please refer to the section entitled MASTER OF SCIENCE.  A total of 42 credit hours are required for the completion of the program.

Tuition cost for students enrolled in the NSU-CDM Certificate Program 

MSCDM students already enrolled in one of the NSU-CDM Certificate Program will be responsible for additional tuition charges in the amount of: Fee per credit hour ($) x20 credit hours (as of this writing the total is $11,600.00).  This tuition fee will cover the costs of the 4 Masters level courses (12 credits), and the research/thesis courses I, II, III, and IV (8 credits).

Students who have not completed their thesis at the conclusion of their certificate program, and who must extend the time necessary to do so, will be responsible for the additional tuition associated with the additional Thesis Extension courses needed.

Additional tuition

If the enrollment in the MSCDM program was not done at the start of the certificate program, the students will be responsible to pay new tuition for each of the certificate core courses being re-taken in order to change the grades from a pass/fail to a numeric grade. 

With careful planning, the entire program (certificate and MS) can be completed in three years. Please note that the Postgraduate Certificate program must be completed within three years. The students enrolled in the Master of Science program who do not complete the program and defend their thesis can extend their time up to an additional 2 extra-years (not to exceed a total of five years) during which time the research and the thesis must be completed.  In order to do so, students must enroll in the Thesis Extension course each of the additional semesters needed as well as assume the additional tuition incurred.  An additional $3,200.00 tuition fee will be charged as a completion fee prior to receiving their certificate Students who do not complete the MSCDM program within 5-years will be dismissed.

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