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The goal of the Master of Science program of the College of Dental Medicine is to provide advanced training in research and research methodology to students, primarily those enrolled in one of the College of Dental Medicine postdoctoral programs. All master's degree candidates are required to complete a core curriculum of courses, emphasis tract courses, and a research thesis. Research in this program includes various aspects of advanced biological science / material science / issues related to oral health and disease.

Graduates of this master's degree program will be trained to think critically, enabling them to more readily pursue research activities and academic careers. For postdoctoral students enrolled in the master's program, requirements for both the postdoctoral program certification and the Master of Science research program (MSCDM) will be fulfilled concurrently.

Completion of the Master of Science degree is a graduation requirement for postgraduate students enrolled in the Orthodontics and Operative Dentistry programs.  However, postgraduate students enrolled in other CDM postgraduate departments may apply and participate in the MSCDM as well.  It is anticipated that students who are accepted into the master's degree program will complete the program requirements within two to three years.

Final decisions regarding a student's participation in this master's degree program are at the dean's discretion.

MSCDM program thesis guidelines

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