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Welcome to Axium/XDR Project site at the College of Dental Medicine. The project is composed of two major aspects and transition is scheduled to occur December 16 -18, 2013.

  • Upgrade our current Axium software to 5.2
    This upgrade will have some changes throughout the software that will affect all users.  An update interface, new icons and features and a completely different treatment planning and payment plan sections.  The CE (certified edition for Meaningful Use) will allow NSU to be compliant with new regulations for treating Medicaid patients.  The CE version will also allow CDM to begin E-prescribing and use of an HPD clinical patient portal.  Even though this is a new version and has some major changes, the overall Axium system will be very familiar to all users.
  • Implement XDR as a replacement to MiPac
    The CDM began in late 2012 looking for alternatives to MiPacs.  Faculty met with several vendors, invited several to a 3-month trial, and after an intense search and trial period, XDR was chosen. This is a completely new system that is actually easier to use and has features that are more user friendly and customizable for all departments in CDM.  The CDM faculty has recently begun an intense developmental relationship with XDR and are very excited about a vendor who is willing to not only listen to our wants, concerns, and needs but is willing to give us suggestions.  XDR is also working very closely with Axium to develop a link between the two systems that will provide same functionality that exists between Axium and MiPac today.

Project Timeline

timeline graph
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Project Scope Summary

  • Implement XDR to replace MiPacs
  • Convert Data
  • Integration
    • XDR and Axium
    • XDR – index 3D imaging
  • Deployment
    • Fat Client Install & Citrix
  • Training​

Project Team

Clinical Information Systems
OIIT Program Management Office
OIIT System Administration
Dental Faculty

  • Dr. Joel Slingbaum
  • Dr. Jodi Kodish
  • Dr. Gary Conover

Project Status:
On Track

Project Training Materials

Axium 5.2 Enhancements

Axium Treatment Planning Module

Info Manager Export Instructions for Citrix/Windows 7 or Citrix/Windows XP

Axium Attachment Import Instructions for Windows 7 or Windows XP

If you seek additional Information or have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact:

Joel B. Slingbaum, D.M.D.
Assistant Professor and Director of Information Technologies
Nova Southeastern University
College of Dental Medicine
3200 South University Drive
Room # 7329
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33328
Phone : (954) 262-7399

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