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Facial Pain

The Clinic manages any kind of pain in the Orofacial Region, extending from the top of the head to the collar bones below. A large part of the work involves;

  1. Neuropathic Pains, such as Trigeminal Neuralgia ,Atypical Facial Pain, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Lower Half Migraine, Herpes Zoster, Deafferentation pain as after complicated endodontic therapy.
  2. Muscular Conditions such as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Pain (TMD) and Cervical Dystonias
  3. Tension headaches.

There are over 500 chronic pain sufferers on our books. We opened 17 years ago and are now the only academic head and neck pain clinic in South Florida.  Many of our patients sadly spend months and often years seeking a diagnosis and effective treatment. It is our remit to help them.


We can undertake:

Neurometry for neurological conditions.
Electromyography for muscular disorders (Figure 1.)
Thermography for vascular assessment.

All methods are painless.  


 Electromyographic Recording of Masticatory Muscles (Masseters and Temporalis).

We offer a wide range of therapies comprising all the neuromodulator and relaxant medications, (but not addictive agents).  This is together with non pharmacological methods, such as Low Intensity Lasers, Dry Needling, Electrotherapyand Ultrasonics. Injectables are available including Homeopathy (for many of our subjects sadly tolerate systemic drugs badly).  Also there is recourse to Cognitive Therapies such as coping strategies, meditation and hypnotherapy.  Low Intensity Lasers represent an innovative non painful method which is effective for most muscular symptoms and is now finding applications for some neuropathic conditions. The Clinic Director was President of the North American Association for Laser Therapy in 2005 and has lectured internationally on the subject.



Using a Low Intensity Laser to treat Muscular Pain in the Masseteric region : cluster probe  in position.


Endowment Potential:

We are exploring possibilities of Endowment, by philanthropic organizations or individuals and are actively engaged in this: we welcome discussion.


To enquire about an appointment please phone 954 262 1744 (this is the secure number of the Clinic Director).

Leave your contact phone number(s).

It is also important to provide a short summary of your problem and treatments so far.

You will receive a personal return call by the Director, normally within 24 hours, to discuss an appointment and explain the set up of the Clinic.  We do not accept any medical insurance but endeavor to keep our fees low and provide dental codes so that a patient with dental insurance may submit their receipt to their insurer to ascertain whether they are eligible for reimbursement.


Paul Bradley MD, FDS, FRCS.
Clinic Director.


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