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Continuing Education Course/Event Requests

The Office for Professional Development facilitates continuing education activities, and event management services, including alumni relation.

Keep the following in mind

For Continuing Education (CE) Credit events:   In order to evaluate your course for consideration to our course offerings, you must complete the electronic Plan An Event Form 3 months before the proposed date of the event.

For Event Management Services, submit request at least 3 months before the event.

  • The Office for Professional Development will process the request based on a completed form. Missing or incomplete information will delay the approval process.
  • Our team of professionals will review your submission and assign a Consultant to work with you.
  • Event Point of Contact is notified via email of approval or denial. If approved,  one of our Consultants will meet with you to discuss policies and procedures, including:
    • Advertising guidelines (i.e. ADA CERP statement)
    • Attendance documentation (i.e. sign in sheet, etc.)
    • Attestation forms for speaker(s)
    • Budget guidelines/ process, including applicable fees
    • Presentation materials
    • Post Event requirements
    • Registration process
  • Once the CPD Office has received all required post event documentation, Attendance Verifications (AVs) will either be emailed to the individual attendee or available to the individual attendee via their account on the CE Online Registration System.
  • Event Point of Contact will receive a Post Event Report for events
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