Safe and Accurate Implant Osteotomies

Course Description

How to Fabricate Accurate Implant Drill Guides Using Root Sockets as a Scaffold,  a Splint and a Peri-Apical X-ray – Hands-on

The safest time to place an implant favorably with the least dependence on a CT scan is into an open socket immediately after tooth extraction. Come learn how to use your prefabricated dental splint over an open extraction socket to fabricate an accurate implant drill guide in minutes. The fabricated guides can be used to stabilize and aim the trajectory of an implant drill immediately or at any future date including after the socket has healed.

Course Schedule:

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Instructor Bio:

Dr. Howard Katz is a practicing general dentist and dental visionary whose name is on the patents for Botox, gel filler (dermal fillers) formulations, Oraverse anesthetic reversal, and Safegide implant guides. Dr. Katz is responsible for motivating and introducing Botox and gel filler treatments into dentistry around the world more than a decade ago. He continues to update and improve these innovative courses and treatments to maintain the cutting edge for educating dentists on how to perform these treatments within the realm of dentistry.

Educational Objectives and Benefits:

  • Create drill implant osteotomies guides that are safe and accurate
  • Reduce dependence on a CT scan and a dental lab for accurate implant drill guides
  • Reduce the risk of drilling into sensitive anatomical sites
  • Reduce staff and patient exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Reduce your implant guide related overheads by 95%
  • Reduce guide fabrication times from days to minutes
  • Predetermine the trajectory of your implant drills into ideal bone sites to give the crown ideal occlusion
  • Check the intended occlusion of the implant crown before doing the implant

Required Materials:

Materials for this course co-sponsored by Safegide. All materials are included in the tuition.