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Continuing Education Travel Courses

Experience The World While Earning CE Credits

Course Description

Fulfill your Continuing Education (CE) needs while satisfying your vacation desires. In partnership with our Cruise and Travel Partners, we offer continuing education courses at exciting vacation destinations, including CE Cruises.  Courses vary in discipline but all are on the cutting edge and offer clinical solutions to current healthcare issues.

Course Schedule:

Cruise and Travel Partners


  • Puglia, Italy
  • Alaska
  • Croatia Cruise
  • Portugal
  • Tuscany, Italy


  • Costa Rica
  • Caribbean (Eastern and Western) Cruises
  • Argentina
  • Scotland


  • Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Hawaii

For a complete listing and specific destination information, through Cruise and Travel Partners, please visit dental CE travel website here.

University at Sea

Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea® cruises are a perfect way to combine high-quality, live-lecture Continuing Education and a great family vacation. Please browse our extensive schedule of accredited CE cruise conferences; we're sure you'll find a program that meets both your Medical Education needs and travel interests.  For CE Cruise Conferences, click here.

Additional Information:

For additional information regarding Cruise and Travel Partners Excursions, contact Jodi Murphy at (610) 399-4501

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